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How Digital Strategy Agency Kings Crest Global Grew Despite The Pandemic
This team of marketers, designers, writers, entrepreneurs, and business strategists transverse global boundaries to help their clients build a better world. Read Full Story...
by CISION PR Newswire
Others | 1 year Ago
I'm excited to share that HeyKiddo ( my social/emotional learning curriculum for kids, will be competing as a 2021 Semifinalist in the #MilkenPennGSE Education Business Plan Competition which celebrates ventures addressing systemic inequities in education through innovation. Learn more: Read Full Story...
by Nicole Lipkin (HeyKiddo)
Linkedin | 1 year Ago
As the year winds down, I'm reflecting on the seeds that were planted that will grow in the years to come. This year I have been so grateful to find and work with a new Marketing firm, Kings Crest Global run by Saul Tessler. If you are looking for a global, nimble, smart marketing partner, these are your people. #marketing #grateful #digital #digitalacceleration #digitalcampaign Read Full Story...
by Sarah Gilbert (RHR)
Linkedin | 1 year Ago
Today we commence a series of posts dedicated to one of the most revolutionary thinking and designing mindsets hoping to bring radical change to our world : the Circular Design Economy. Read Full Story...
by thefuturistluxuryforecast
Instagram | 1 year Ago
Today is the 1st day of @SocialEnginProj's Youth Design Lab w/ @IDEO. These students will be reimagining a more equitable post-pandemic school experience & how to develop healthier responses to teen stress. I can't wait to see what they come up with! #DiversityEquityInclusion Read Full Story...
by Kevin L. Nichols
Twitter | 1 year Ago