Abu Sayed Russell

Wordpress Developer
Abu Sayed Russell is a Full Stack Wordpress Developer who works effortlessly across international teams to build outstanding websites for clients around the world.

Curious, Disruptive, Visionary

  • Highly adept with Wordpress, Shopify, Coding Native, HTML, PS, Bootstrap
  • Works primarily with PHP, is a widely-used open source scripting language for web development
  • Effective team player

A highly skilled developer, he has been applying his skills to client projects with Kings Crest Global since April 2021. With a keen eye for detail and dedicated work ethic, Russell enjoys building websites that truly make an impact and function flawlessly. He is passionate about continuously improving his programming skills and he takes time to ensure that he always stays up to date with the latest developments in the computer engineering space. He graduated from Dhaka International University, where he achieved both his Master’s and Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering. Outside of work, Russell enjoys swimming, reading and travelling. In particular, he can be found checking out the latest science fiction and history books.