Andrea Djordjevic

Graphic & Web Designer
Andrea works at King’s Crest Global as a graphic designer.

Imaginative, Focused, Explorer

  • Creating professional, customized, branded print, web and social media content
  • Involved in design at every level while ensuring efficiency in client deliverables
  • Master’s in Architecture

Andrea’s primary role at King’s Crest Global is web design and development. She genuinely appreciates the causes and ideas the company supports and enjoys her interactions with the clients, who she feels offer freedom to be creative through her work. With a Master’s degree in Architecture, she currently works both as a graphic designer and as an urban planner and architect, expanding infrastructure and creating city plans in Belgrade, Serbia. Through her role as an architect, she has truly grasped the essence of what it means to be knowledgeable in various steps of complicated processes that are necessary in both urban planning and web development. With this comes her great understanding of how to effectively execute in order to complete the job as precisely and efficiently as possible.