Nicolai Gheorghiev

System Administrator
Nicolai is a System Administrator at King’s Crest Global. He has always had an unmistakable passion for navigating systems, which began with his dream of one day becoming a pilot.

Proactive, Patient, Collaborative

  • Expertise in IT management and system administration
  • Systems analysis and creative problem-solving
  • Degree in Engineering

Nicolai studied engineering in the Republic of Moldova and specialized in Management of Radio and Electronics, which piqued his interest in technology. This provided a segue into learning more about the vast world of computing technologies. Eventually, he discovered his career path as a system administrator, which he felt was similar to being a pilot in that it requires him to navigate through the entire operating system. What distinguishes him is his empathetic nature, his keen ability to problem solve, and the fact that he is a change-driven professional. He is a person who is willing to take on the challenge no matter how ambitious it may be.