Saul Tessler

Founder & CEO
Saul's mission is to ensure that we solve our clients' problems in unique and unexpected ways, continuously helping them to make the world a better place.

Curious, Disruptive, Visionary

  • Over 25 years of experience working with CEOs of companies from Google X to BarkBox
  • Teacher of Digital Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Barcelona
  • MA, Music, University of Pennsylvania; MBA, Wharton; MSE, Technology Management, University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering

Saul Tessler is the founder and CEO of King’s Crest Global. His vision centers on happiness; building a tight-knit collective of disruptive, strategic innovators, who deliver deep insights, empowering guidance and intelligent strategy. He guides the company with 25+ years of experience across a wide range of sectors including strategy, entrepreneurship and technology management. His notable work includes strategic roles within LearnLight and Oppenheimer Funds. Saul can often be found teaching digital entrepreneurship at the University of Barcelona, and applying his expertise to help our clients solve startup and scaling problems, giving them the confidence to focus on what makes them unique.