Take a look at the business-boosting results we’ve achieved with some of our recent clients.

“They went above and beyond.”

Maddie M
Media Manager, The PAO App

“King’s Crest was crucial in all the elements to start up. They coached me in terms of why I started my business. It’s more important to know the why, and what you’re offering people, versus how you’re doing it. You have to find the strong why. That was really crucial.”

Monica H
Founder, Laser by Monica

“King’s Crest puts in the extra effort without a doubt. You’re not going to get ‘I’m going to bill you for ten hours and they punch in, punch out.’ They get the project done.”

Sheryl Z
Founder, InMideal Consultants

“You’re probably luckier to have them than they are to have you.”

Phil P
Founder, The Swoup App


“Saul was a valuable asset to our team. He was always willing to help, flexible, full of great ideas and an excellent team player. I would recommend Saul to help you should you be looking for a new bright and capable consultant.”

Mo G
Host at Slo Mo – A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

“I have worked with Saul for over 3 years at Learnlight where Saul runs our Operations Division. Saul is a born leader and built the division by bringing 7 departments together and creating a real sense of value for the team within our organization. I haven’t seen a better people manager – he has a gift of creating cohesion and mobilizing his team, especially when the going gets tough. We regularly work together on strategic projects requiring agile leadership with results-driven, consequential decision making. His commitment and passion for what we do and the people he represents reflect on where are as a business and key factor in our success today.”

Michael H
Head of Operations & Transformation at Learnlight

“Saul led the transformation of our Operations team from a disparate team of managers to a confident, autonomous, and deeply integrated team of true business leaders. He did this as only Saul can; with infectious positivity, masterful emotional intelligence, and an authenticity that makes him popular with everyone that have the privilege to work with him. He leaves us deeply grateful for all he contributed to our growth story and hopeful that we may one day have the opportunity to employ his talents again.”

Rupert H
Co-founder & COO at Learnlight

“Saul is a relentless hard worker who never shies away from a challenge. At OpenSky, I could depend on Saul, always the first to step up and offer a hand wherever possible. Saul is a genuinely selfless team player, always looking out for those around him.

With his wealth of technical knowledge and PM experience, Saul has delivered time and again on a wide variety of high profile and complex digital projects. Saul has proven to be a proactive and tenacious problem-solver with thoughtful consideration for the quality of the end product.

I owe Saul a debt of gratitude many times over for the tireless dedication he has repeatedly demonstrated during our time working together.”

Matthew F
Director Of Web Development at DMD – Connecting Healthcare

I worked with Saul for 3 years at OppenheimerFunds and found him to be a professional, forward thinking co-worker. His perspective on all things digital opened the minds of others around him and helped inspire leading edge thinking across multiple groups..”

Kenneth W
Global Head of Brand Engagement at Nuveen

“Saul was a pleasure to work with and a very effective leader while we worked together. He is highly conscientious, accountable and driven. He brings passion to work every day and it spreads to those around him. When he said he would get something done, I could rest assured that it would. I can easily recommend Saul and know that he will be a great asset wherever he goes.

Jamin D
Head of NA Supply Chain at Alibaba

“Saul is a tremendous Project Manager and came into OpenSky and brought a relentless focus on details. He has an absolute commitment to getting projects completed on time and makes sure that all the important questions are asked and answered in advance of development. He is the ultimate team player and I recommend him enthusiastically. He is a winner.

John C
President North America & Europe @ Alibaba.com

“Saul is a bulldog! That’s a compliment in every sense of the word. If you need something to get done, Saul will get it done. He’s the kind of person you can hand any project to, big or small, and know that he will get it done with excellence no matter what obstacles he has in his way. He’s smart, organized, focused, driven, and is a rare person who can work in startups and Fortune 500 companies with equal effectiveness. I highly recommend Saul and envy anyone who hires him.

Matt M
Founder and Executive Chairman at BARK

“Saul exceeded our expectations as Project Management lead by leveraging his uncommon blend of operational discipline, interpersonal skills, and strategic vision to consistently deliver results. He quickly became our go-to player for resolving our toughest projects, including arcane technical considerations and simultaneous vendor integrations.

Saul’s empathy and domain knowledge made him the obvious choice when we needed additional Product Management resources at OpenSky; he continued his successful track record in both roles, benefiting both the organization and the user experience.

Saul’s output and dedication are nothing short of inspiring.

Chris K
Product Consultant at TCGplayer.com, Advisor at Edify

“Saul is a tremendously talented individual with an uncanny grasp for both the technological aspects of a business as well as how that technology relates to building a business from a marketing standpoint. He is driven and a dedicated change agent who brings passion to any project he undertakes. His ability to work within a start-up environment bringing the pieces together, along with his endless energy, adds tremendous value to any endeavor.

I highly recommend Saul and am confident he will exceed any and all expectations

Ted R
Photofy CMO and various Advisory Boards… Speaker / Author / Provocateur

“Saul’s insights, passion, and dedication added value to OpenSky. He both executed his job well and brought additional value through his initiative and ideas for making things better. He sought to foster communication between groups to make sure we were aligned on goals. I can highly recommend him

Mary A
VP, Publisher, Hachette Books at Hachette Book Group

“I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever met or worked with that was more dedicated to the companies success than Saul. He’s always the first in the office and often closed up. A true operator, he doing an amazing job of keeping our projects on track and ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. Saul shows honor and integrity in all he does and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with him.

Steven F
Product Lead @ Google; CTO/VP Eng/VP Prod

“Saul was a Project Manager at RedCats USA for the US Division. As a Project Manager Saul led web projects for all the US web sites. Saul has a strong understanding of all the key phases of the project lifecycle and is an excellent team leader. Saul has led many project teams to successful web implementations focusing on innovative E-Commerce initiatives. Saul is very well respected and liked by all types of team resources ranging from (Senior Executives to Technical Engineers). It has been a pleasure managing Saul. He would be a great asset to any division and corporation!

Stephanie F
Project Management Office Executive

I had the pleasure of working with Saul at Redcats USA. He is extremely bright and a very fast learner. He always asks relevant questions and is a key contributor in meetings. Saul also possesses excellent project management skills. He is very well organized and talented at keeping projects on schedule. Most importantly he always gets the most out of his team members. 

Dan H
Chief Marketing Officer at FULLBEAUTY Brands

Saul was a really serious and hard working co worker. He helped me in the organization understanding, he’s really a team player. He has a great business and technical approach of the projects. I highly recommend him.

Emilie D
Fondatrice @ Time together – Animatrice agréée de yoga du rire & Fondatrice @ Time to mobile – Experte en digital marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Saul when he was project manager in our OT division. Saul is detailed and organized. He thought through the project diligently so we did not miss anything prior to launch. It was a pleasure working with Saul. I will miss his easy to work with demeanor.

Jenny B
Director, Digital Merchandising Operations at FULLBEAUTY Brands

“Saul has been the Project Manager for several projects that I have been involved in. During the length of these projects Saul helped to identify and customer impacting issues and guided resolutions to ensure that the project not only met the business need but also helped to ensure a smooth and seamless customer experience. The projects we’ve worked on always launched on time. Saul is always professional and mindful of all the departments impacting the projects he’s managing.

Customer Experience and Sales Leader; Contact Center Specialist,Management Development, BI; Community Board Member

“I worked with Saul on at least 3 web builds which involved specific, complicated business rules. Saul’s attention to detail as Project Manager and consistantly positive attitude even during tight schedules, made him a valuable and well-respected team member. He went beyond basic project requirements, to understand our overarching goals, ultimately achieving excellent execution.

Judy K
Credit Card Product Manager at Rakuten Rewards

“Saul was the Project Manager for our project to move the Avenue website to a proprietary platform. Our teams successfully implemented the plan on an extremely tight schedule. He was diligent in adhering to the project time line, without sacrificing the quality of work the job demanded. Saul was an asset to the project and a pleasure to work with!

Kristen P
USA Ecommerce Director at City Chic Collective USA

“Saul was the Project Manager for the Web side of our project to move the Avenue website to a proprietary platform;- within an unimaginable short time period. In this, he maintained thorough details, solicited and insisted on timely decisions, and was relentless in his follow up and drive to hit schedule. Not surprising, all went well. Just the type of person you need for any highly detailed and difficult project!

Julie D
VP Digital Commerce at Ashley Stewart

“Saul was the projecet manager on our Jessica London/Avenue website re-launch. He is very detail oriented which is critical on any website modification. We had many meetings which Saul chaired. He covered every detail and always double checked everyones comments. I am pleased to say that the launch went off with very few problems, none of which were major.

Gary D
Retired at Retired

“I had the pleasure to work with Saul on many web projects while at Redcats US. Saul is a talented project manager who has a great capability to combine between technical know-how and business aspects; finding the best solution for the customer. Saul is a great team player, with a keen eye towards keeping project dates and deadlines. He is also very fun to work with and I highly recommend him.

Aurélie D
Marketing Director & Digital Transformation Lead

“I had the pleasure of working with Saul over the past couple of years. Saul was always eager to assist when any issue happened to arise on a particular project. He was always responsive and confident in his findings. Saul is an exceptional, competent project manager with a positive attitude.He has a keen business sense with extensive experience in technology, marketing & management. I’m honored to have worked with such a dedicated, hard-working individual. I highly recommend Saul for employment; he would be an asset to any organization.

Kristen B
Customer Insights at Walmart Media Group

It was a pleasure working with Saul. He has the necessary attention to detail while managing multiple projects at once and stays organized and focused. I looked to him for direction while working on many projects together and it was always a pleasure. Saul’s responses were timely and he is very dependable.

Casey P
Sr. Manager, Digital Photo at CVS Health

“I’ve worked with Saul in a variety of capacities in the last few years. I think Saul’s greatest asset is his emotional intelligence. He is able to achieve the objective on hand with a knack for reading people very well and understanding their personalities, likes, and dislikes. In my dealings with Saul, there have been moments when business problems arose that couldn’t quite be articulated. He was able to put his finger on it right away and push the process forward. I believe that is how he is so productive. He also happens to have a great sense of humor that makes working with him a real pleasure.

Dustin K
Popular Culture and Social Media Expert, Speaker & Author, Sociology Professor, Temple University