BondView helps bond investors see the forest for the trees by turning raw data into valuable information to promote smart decision making about municipal bonds.

CHALLENGE In order to cultivate growth, the team at BondView wanted to create a new pricing strategy and develop a dependable lead generation plan. At the same time, they were looking to craft a more productized experience for current and prospective users.

Where King's Crest Global Comes InKing's Crest Global performed an in-depth analysis, synthesizing expertise from the product, marketing and strategy teams to increase lead generation and engagement with BondView’s target markets. The goal was also to design and develop new products with the BondView team, enabling them to access new markets and new cadres of investors. We achieved this using powerful and impactful PPC, landing pages and marketing collateral. In order to enhance the overall experience, we also worked with them on website content and design.


+Strategy By reimagining their pricing model, we helped increase BondView’s leads by 82% in the last year. This was supported by SEO management, in which we successfully indexed pages that weren’t generating traffic to the website before.

+New Products Our product masterminds worked closely with the Bondview team to design and launch two new features and one new product for their customers. This resulted in three powerful new offerings: BondView Single, BondView Tax and BondView Reference Data.

+Marketing By creating engaging and professional landing pages, blog posts and email campaigns, we helped strengthen the BondView brand and increase engagement and lead-generation. Unique collateral created has also helped with new product reference data.