InMedia Consultants

InMedia Consultants

InMedia Consultants is an entertainment consulting firm, providing invaluable industry advice, and a customized road map to move artists towards their career goals.

CHALLENGE The founder of inMedia Consultants was energized by a new idea; philanthropic entertainment technology. However, her expertise lay in the entertainment space, not tech-for-good. From solidifying the idea itself to financial modelling, Kings Crest Global helped inMedia to get ready to go to investors.

WHERE KINGS CREST GLOBAL COMES IN Engaging the financial experts, tech-for-good and strategy experts on the team, Kings Crest Global began to collaborate with inMedia and understand their requirements. Then, we created a robust and scalable financial model, helped confirm the details of the solution itself and produced vital collateral for inMedia to use.

Financial Model Our powerful financial model enables inMedia to generate revenue while also creating a positive change in the world.

Tech For Good InMedia was able to successfully strategize, outline and plan their tech for good concept, getting them ready to move to the next stage and prepare for conversations with investors.

Influential Collateral Outline decks can be used to help founders organize their thoughts and clarify their goals. We generated presentations that achieved just this.

“Our technology is multi-layered, and Kings Crest was able to distill my thoughts. They helped narrow down the ultimate problem and where we should speak about the solution. And that’s key.”

“It felt like not just a client relationship, but a collaborative, supportive relationship. And the one thing that I did learn is that you absolutely need people on your side in business. You can’t have a partner or anyone that’s not fully invested, and King’s Crest is fully invested.”
Sheryl Z. Founder, InMedia Consultants