Obase is a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions across various industries, including retail, transportation, telecommunications, and finance. Their innovative solutions support digital transformation and enhance business intelligence.

CHALLENGE Obase required support in developing and executing a digital marketing roadmap strategy to launch and sustain their marketing initiatives, especially as they prepared to enter new markets in the US. The goal was to develop a holistic marketing strategy that included discovery, analysis, and digital marketing setup and management.

WHERE KINGS CREST GLOBAL COMES IN Kings Crest Global developed a tailored marketing roadmap strategy for Obase. This involved:

  • Conducting a comprehensive discovery phase, including a landscape analysis to understand the organization’s objectives, collateral, target audience, and competitors.
  • Providing a marketing mix analysis, offering insights into organizational goals, target audiences, current marketing collateral, and competitive landscape.
  • Creating a robust marketing roadmap aligned with Obase's core business objectives and marketing initiatives, complete with a breakdown of quarterly and annual deliverables.



  • Clear Strategic Direction: Obase received a comprehensive marketing roadmap, aligned with their objectives and providing a clear path forward.
  • Strategic Alignment: The roadmap aligned marketing initiatives with core business objectives, ensuring cohesive efforts.
  • Client Satisfaction: Obase expressed satisfaction with the strategic roadmap and the collaboration with King's Crest Global.