Universal DX

Universal DX

Universal DX is a leading biomedical company focused on developing innovative blood tests for early cancer detection. Their pioneering work in detecting cancer in its early stages is transforming the fight against this disease.

CHALLENGE Universal DX required a branded slide deck for a public presentation on short notice. The slide deck needed to clearly communicate key scientific studies and their significance. The presentation had to be ready within a tight timeline, necessitating a fast turnaround and expert design services.

WHERE KINGS CREST GLOBAL COMES IN Kings Crest Global developed a branded presentation deck for Universal DX. This involved:

  • Conducting a rapid discovery call to align on the client's needs and the presentation's key messages.
  • Designing a branded deck that effectively communicated complex scientific studies and their significance.
  • Ensuring quick delivery of the deck, meeting the tight deadline.


  • Professional Presentation: Universal DX received a high-quality, branded deck that aligned with their needs and communicated their key scientific studies effectively.
  • Quick Turnaround: The deck was delivered on time, allowing Universal DX to present confidently.
  • Client Satisfaction: Universal DX expressed satisfaction with the final product and the efficient collaboration.