Leadership, Executive Coaching, Educational Initiatives

KCG is helping a number of small and large companies that work in the transformative leadership space. Our clients help fortune 100 companies unlock their potential through innovative, scalable programs. Our work has included strategy, ebooks, internal 

and external presentations, websites, apps, and the development of e-learning programs 

such as webinars and the delivery of online courses. 

Financial Services, Tech & Telecom

The team at KCG has worked with and won awards for some of the largest names in Finance and Telecom.
Our work has included go to market strategies, web development, app development, UX, UI, etc.

Medical, Wellness, MediSpa

KCG works with some of the largest medical providers in the United States. These includes New York’s
top award winning plastic surgeons. We have also worked with MediSpas and Gyms.

Startups and Scaleups

KCGs roots are founded in helping startups. It’s members have helped take a number of clients from inception
to VC Funding to exit. If you are starting a business and not sure out to scale, we can help.

Ebooks, Photography, Entertainment

We are a collection of creatives who passionately support the arts and work hard with some of the world’s best known authors, photographers, producers, directors, visual artists and more. If you are looking for 

support promoting your best work, we can help. 

Legal, Real Estate, Ecommerce

We have helped internal law firms and some of the largest brands in real estate. Members of our
team have also worked with medium and large scale ecommerce sites.


We provide a full range of services to help your reach your goals


Our innovative approach is centered around your business’s lifecycle


A global team commited to help our clients build a better world.

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