Adlarge Marketing Collateral, Business Consultancy

AdLarge is a team of audio experts who amplify underrepresented creator voices and brands to help them grow their businesses, and achieve their long-term revenue goals with cutting-edge strategy and monetization methods.

Challenge AdLarge was looking to diversify their client portfolio and knew that the missing link was a carefully crafted pitch deck that could strategically convey their brand’s message. They were also seeking guidance on how to solidify their company goals so they could confidently approach potential clients and investors to share their brand’s vision and secure additional funding.

Where Kings Crest Global Comes In We assembled our team of design and copywriting experts to begin providing a structural foundation for the pitch deck and established a regular meeting cadence to provide space for thoughtful collaboration and brainstorming with AdLarge.


Marketing Collateral

We began with creating an outline for the structural aspect of the pitch deck and worked collaboratively with the client to define necessary elements to include. As the project evolved organically, the design team was able to use their expertise to add their visual touch, based on extensive research and client feedback.


An important aspect of the project for AdLarge was learning how to take their beautifully presented pitch deck and transform it into an actionable sales tool. This required defining their strategic goals and learning how to find a way to communicate their message authentically.



Marketing Collateral
We created an elegant pitch deck that successfully exemplifies AdLarge’s message to potential investors while generating genuine interest in the brand’s story.

We provided the AdLarge team with the necessary tools to confidently communicate their message to their target audience, increasing their overall chances of securing the funding they need to continue scaling their business.


“Thank you, everyone, this has been such an intense process and I have learned so much from all of you. I am excited to get out there and tell our story! I am so grateful for this partnership and value everyone's contributions to this badass deck!”
Cathy Csukas AdLarge CEO | Founder