One Billion Happy

One Billion Happy

Founded by former Google [x] Chief Business Officer Mo Gawdat, One Billion Happy is an online learning program designed with a simple mission in mind: to teach one billion people how to be happy.

Challenge Saul Tessler was called upon to answer a critical question: how can we help one billion people find happiness using solely online training materials?

Solution Create a specialized online learning curriculum, Solve for Happy, that conveys various learning modules in an engaging, digestible format. Leverage the most sophisticated e-learning tools and digital solutions available to provide a virtual learning environment that resonates with and inspires the audience.

+Compelling e-learning Curriculum Great products are created by great teams. The first step towards reaching One Billion Happy’s goal was assembling a team of first-in-class marketers, online learning experts, and social media masters from around the globe to build a compelling e-learning curriculum from the ground up. Evaluating and leveraging industry-leading digital solutions and content virtualization tools over nine months, Solve for Happy completed its first module, setting a precedent for engaging, mission-driven online learning modules.

+ World-First Experience Ultimately, One Billion Happy showed the world that positive missions drive innovation — and that innovation is what drives the world forward.

"Saul was a valuable asset to our team. He was always willing to help, flexible, full of great ideas and an excellent team player. I would recommend Saul to help you should you be looking for a new bright and capable consultant."
Mo Gawdat Former Chief Business Officer for Google X and author of the book One Billion Happy and Scary Smart