We plan intelligently to achieve your business goals.

Launch into new areas with expert guidance and bespoke, visionary business strategies.
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We will help you evolve what you have into a fully operational business, with a clear structure and a path to growth.

Our expert consultants will deliver tailored strategic advice developed over years of building and growing businesses from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

Take your pick from our four key service areas, which are all designed to get you started with your next strategic win.

Research & Discovery

Analyze the market and differentiate yourself.

  • Expert Research
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Behavior & Insights
  • Analytical Data Review
Go to Market

Launch into your market with confidence and clarity. Make a positive impact with your customer base and set yourself up for ongoing success.

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Product Positioning
  • Brand Design, Development, and Awareness
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Overall Marketing Performance
  • Messaging Strategy
Interim CxO Services

Find the expert you need to take on that leadership role.

  • Startup consultancy
  • Coaching & interim services
  • Finance management
  • Operational management
  • Sales strategy
  • Roadmapping
  • Strategic consultancy
Brand Development

Craft and amplify your company brand. 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone of Voice
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines

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“Working with King’s Crest Global is an excellent experience. The best thing is the team – I love working with people from all over the globe. They bring valuable perspectives and unique ways of seeing things, while also being very accessible. If I ever have a question, they respond right away, and I feel like I can reach out to any one of the team members I work with. Everyone always has the latest information and is up to speed. I really feel like we’re able to lift each other up.”
Shauna Anderson Shauna Anderson Founder and CEO of Invata
“The KCG team brings the best and the brightest minds together to work on your marketing challenges. I walk away from our meetings invigorated, knowing that I can toss an idea I've been wrestling with to my KCG team, and they will come back with innovative solutions.  Their global perspective gives them an edge, yet I feel no distance working with the team.”  
Melissa C Melissa C VP, Marketing + Brand
"I couldn't be happier! Our expert creative and technical teams at KCG worked collaboratively to create and deliver a brand that feels authentically "us". They did it efficiently and with the same thought and care that goes into every client project."
Saul Tessler Saul Tessler CEO & Founder, King's Crest Global
"King's Crest Global is a vital part of my business. Years ago they started with a complete assessment of my goals, and systematically developed and implemented a successful approach to achieving those goals. King's Crest Global’s ability to listen to my needs, develop a business plan and put together an awesome team is second to none! I only wish I started with them earlier.”
Dr. Marc Elkowitz Dr. Marc Elkowitz Founder of PSNY
“Saul’s work helped us get to where we are today, and now we’re cash-flow positive on a monthly basis and have four times gross margins from what we did last year. We’re very happy about turning the corner. The biggest concerns we had a year ago are no longer our concerns today.”
Ben Gross Ben Gross Former CFO, Humboldt Farms
“King's Crest Global is great. They’ve been an enormous help to our strategic planning”.
Daniel Bell Daniel Bell Chief Executive Officer at Bell Technology Solutions
“I worked with Saul for 3 years at Oppenheimer Funds and found him to be a professional, forward thinking co-worker. His perspective on all things digital opened the minds of others around him and helped inspire leading edge thinking across multiple groups.”
Kenneth W Kenneth W Global Head of Brand Activation at TIAA
"Saul was a valuable asset to our team. He was always willing to help, flexible, full of great ideas and an excellent team player. I would recommend Saul to help you should you be looking for a new bright and capable consultant."
Mo Gawdat Mo Gawdat Former Chief Business Officer for Google X and author of the book One Billion Happy and Scary Smart
“The KCG team is a dream to work with - they are some of the most kind and genuine collaborators with which I have partnered. They ask intelligent questions, centered around perfecting both the product and the quality of the client relationship. Through our time working together, they have become more than just a business partner - they have evolved into a highly trusted group of colleagues who are crucial to our new business success.”  
Cara H Cara H Project Coordinator