Invest in strategic consultancy to scale your business and achieve organizational goals.


We fuel innovation and leading-edge business ideas with insightful, strategic support.

Our expert strategists guide and support you to develop bespoke solutions that enable you to take that crucial step forward.

From Research and Discovery to impactful Go-to-Market and Brand strategy, our team strengthens and empowers your growth.

Fractional CXO

Bridge the experience gap and stand on the shoulders of industry giants.

Cover all your bases and outsource your CEO, CMO and COO operations to our award-winning senior team. Benefit from their leadership and proven track records gained from decades across Wall Street and the startup scene.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Confidently launch into your market with scalability front-of-mind.

Map out a course to success with an intelligent GTM strategy based on insightful competitive analysis, consumer knowledge, and user journey modelling.

Research & Discovery

Gain valuable insights into the market, competitors and customers.

Benefit from a bird’s eye view of your industry and your potential customer base and get detailed insight into your competitors’ product pricing, marketing collateral, sales techniques, contracts and customer journey.

Brand Strategy

Unleash your imagination in collaboration with our creative team to build your unique brand.

Build the foundation of your brand with head-turning brand books, eye-catching logos, impactful tone of voice treatments, typography choices, email signatures and more.

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Our Mission

We leverage technology as a catalyst for change. We don’t just measure impact with clicks and ROI.

We measure impact by the good we can do in the world, and that starts with taking meaningful action to inspire positive change. Better yet, by partnering with KCG, you can inspire that change, too. Take a look at some of the causes and organizations we proudly support.

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