We plan intelligently to achieve your business goals.

Launch into new areas with expert guidance and bespoke, visionary business strategies.
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We will help you evolve what you have into a fully operational business, with a clear structure and a path to growth.

Our expert consultants will deliver tailored strategic advice developed over years of building and growing businesses from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

Take your pick from our four key service areas, which are all designed to get you started with your next strategic win.


Analyze the market and find out all the ways to differentiate yourself.

  • Expert Research
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Behavior & Insights
  • Analytical data review

Find the expert you need to take on that leadership role.

  • Startup Consultancy
  • Coaching & interin Services
  • Finance Management
  • Operational Management
  • Sales Strategy
  • Roadmapping
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Digital Transformation

Create the perfect step-by-step plan to successfully launch your business online.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Content Strategy
Steve Forbes said it better than we ever could: “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone of Voice
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines

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“We wanted to produce more content to enhance our brand and make an impact with our target market. KCG provided the solution. They work with us collaboratively to create fresh content, and they continue enhancing it over time.”
Monika Desai Head of Marketing, RHR International
“Kings Crest Global is great. They’ve been an enormous help to our strategic planning”.
Dan Bell Dan Bell Chief Executive Officer at Bell Technology Solutions
“I worked with Saul for 3 years at Oppenheimer Funds and found him to be a professional, forward thinking co-worker. His perspective on all things digital opened the minds of others around him and helped inspire leading edge thinking across multiple groups.”
Kenneth Waddell Kenneth Waddell Global Head of Brand Activation at TIAA
"Saul was a valuable asset to our team. He was always willing to help, flexible, full of great ideas and an excellent team player. I would recommend Saul to help you should you be looking for a new bright and capable consultant."
Mo Gawdat Mo Gawdat Former chief business officer for Google X and author of the book Solve for Happy
“The KCG team is a dream to work with - they are some of the most kind and genuine collaborators with which I have partnered. They ask intelligent questions, centered around perfecting both the product and the quality of the client relationship. Through our time working together, they have become more than just a business partner - they have evolved into a highly trusted group of colleagues who are crucial to our new business success.”  
Cara Henry Cara Henry Project Coordinator
“Kings Crest will give you a clear path and help you think more clearly about how to define your goals.”
Jeff Shablin Jeff Shablin Founder
"King’s Crest was crucial in all the elements to start up. They coached me in terms of why I started my business. It’s more important to know the why, and what you’re offering people, versus how you’re doing it. You have to find the strong why. That was really crucial."
Monica Heller Monica Heller Founder, Laser by Monica
"Saul is a bulldog! That’s a compliment in every sense of the word. If you need something to get done, Saul will get it done. He’s the kind of person you can hand any project to, big or small, and know that he will get it done with excellence no matter what obstacles he has in his way. He’s smart, organized, focused, driven, and is a rare person who can work in startups and Fortune 500 companies with equal effectiveness. I highly recommend Saul and envy anyone who hires him."
Matt M Matt M Founder and Executive Chairman at BARK
"Saul was the Project Manager for the Web side of our project to move the Avenue website to a proprietary platform;- within an unimaginable short time period. In this, he maintained thorough details, solicited and insisted on timely decisions, and was relentless in his follow up and drive to hit schedule. Not surprising, all went well. Just the type of person you need for any highly detailed and difficult project!"
Julie D Julie D VP Digital Commerce at Ashley Stewart
“King’s Crest saw the value of the product I was creating to help other people and knew how to leverage technology to the benefit of a business. I had never started an app before, and King’s Crest filled in the gaps that I had no idea needed to be filled. From our beta launch in April 2017 through December 2018, we gained 3,000 customers and became the first company in the U.S. to launch a non-barcode charitable mobile discount with Walgreens. I was very pleased.”  
Phil P Phil P Founder, The Swoup App
"Saul led the transformation of our Operations team from a disparate team of managers to a confident, autonomous, and deeply integrated team of true business leaders. He did this as only Saul can; with infectious positivity, masterful emotional intelligence, and an authenticity that makes him popular with everyone that have the privilege to work with him. He leaves us deeply grateful for all he contributed to our growth story and hopeful that we may one day have the opportunity to employ his talents again."
Rupert Hillier Rupert Hillier Co-founder & COO at Learnlight
“Kings Crest helped me see the bigger pictures and possibilities. They did this in a way that was personal and helpful, not demeaning or condescending. They feel like a partner, and we’re working towards something together.”
Nicole Lipkin Nicole Lipkin Founder