Pao App


Pao is an app that helps you experience the world through your own eyes. Displaying the world’s hidden gems, users can discover new spots, upload their favorite places and join communities based on their interests.

CHALLENGE Pao’s founders knew they had a fantastic app, but they wanted to enhance how they were marketing it. They were relying solely on Instagram and word of mouth to create leads and win new users. Pao decided to work with King's Crest Global to launch ads that reached a wider audience. We aimed to reduce the cost per user to $2.

WHERE KING'S CREST GLOBAL COMES IN Using market-leading social media strategy and lead-generation principles, we performed an assessment of PAO’s current marketing plan. We then designed, planned and launched a new campaign for PAO using Facebook Ad Manager.


+2M People Reached Creating enhanced awareness of the PAO app, we reached over 2 million people in three months. The PAO app now has 50,000 downloads, and the community continues to grow.

+ $1.20 Cost Per User Going beyond the stated goal of a $2 cost per user, we drove the cost per user down to $1.20, creating more long-term value for PAO.

+ 75% of New Users from Ads Converting ads to users, 75% of new app downloads were a result of the social media strategy. We also helped PAO to maintain a target growth rate of 20% during testing.



“King’s Crest has been very supportive of the app itself. As a three-person startup, you have a lot of ups and downs. So having somebody on a daily basis checking in, telling you how great you are and stuff like that really helps create a positive mindset for the business - and also just for our mental state as human beings, too!”
maddie Maddie M Co-Founder