Kitchen Labs

Kitchen Labs

Kitchen Labs is a modern food ecosystem that rents premium commercial plug-and-play hot and cold kitchens to food entrepreneurs. They also offer delivery services and in-house dining at their virtual food hall.

Challenge Kitchen Labs’ goal was to increase their reach and grow their business operation, and they needed help with differentiating their B2B and B2C services. They were seeking direction with their marketing and design strategies in an effort to harmonize all touch points with consistent branding. Client retention was a struggle, as well as knowing how to reach their target audience.

From building a landing page to launching branded PPC campaigns to successfully reach their ideal customers, they were ready to scale their business across multiple channels but not quite sure which direction to pursue.

Where Kings Crest Global Comes In We went through a rigorous discovery process, taking the time to listen and understand their various needs, which extended across channels and audiences. We started by hosting weekly calls and providing them with a landscape report, then offered a breakdown of optimal solutions that would meet their needs for the marketing mix, both B2B and B2C strategy,

Once we defined the marketing mix process and offered strategic solutions, we then created a 2023 roadmap with specific deadlines and milestones. We ultimately created a set of bespoke solutions so they could begin scaling their business.



Landing Page
We launched the Kitchen Labs landing page with a modern design to mirror their brand messaging.

Brand Development
We created a separate branding concept and provided the solution they needed to differentiate their B2B and B2C marketing.




We successfully launched Google search ads and display ads for the Kitchen Labs brand using newly created assets, including animated video ad content.

Social Media
We instilled confidence in their marketing team and provided them with the tools they needed to create compelling content while offering our support wherever needed..

Marketing Collateral
We functioned as an additonal external marketing team, providing added value and extra support for any content pieces necessary for enhancing the Kitchen Labs brand.

We equipped their executives with the knowledge and expertise they needed to continue successfully building their brand.


“Working with the KCG team was an amazing and useful experience. They are willing to help you and you receive diverse perspectives from their global team. We were able to launch a landing page that was truly reflective of our brand's mission. Thank you, KCG team! You are the best!”
Daniela Abadi Sales & Marketing Director