7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

Written by Marjorie Vera
March 21, 2023
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Marjorie Vera

Last month, Saul Tessler, CEO of King’s Crest Global, shared a resourceful article on LinkedIn summing up 7 digital marketing trends to look out for this year. We thought we’d take a moment to highlight some of his key insights.

1. Social Media: Authenticity Matters

Users no longer want to feel like they’re viewing transactional content (if they do, they simply won’t engage) because now more than ever authenticity matters. They want to be inspired: to create, to connect, to be moved somehow, and to be involved in the process. Get your audience to start talking about your brand and find creative ways to connect with and inspire them so that they are genuinely moved to do this.

2. Influencer Marketing: Collaborate With GenZ Creators

GenZ continues shaping marketing trends and they have ultimately changed the way we’re consuming content. Hootsuite predicts that in 2023, GenZ will continue to define user-generated content (UGC), and, influencer marketing will continue to grow substantially. In GenZ’s search for fun and interactive content that inspires, businesses will have to think about how to collaborate with GenZ creators and influencers to reach their target audiences, only amplifying the importance of your social media presence and overall content marketing strategy.

3. Short-form Video: Anyone Can Create

Platforms have added an array of features to make it easier for users to create short-form videos. There is also a host of free apps that offer templates and mini tutorials on how to create video content so that users can believe: I can create content, therefore, anyone can create.

According to Hubspot’s 2023 video marketing report, there are several good reasons why your business should be leveraging short-form video in your marketing strategy:

  • Short-form video boasts the highest ROI
  • 78% of consumers are looking to engage with content that is both authentic and relatable rather than content that is polished and perfectly curated
  • Almost all short-form videos are viewed for at least 40% of the duration

It’s time to start thinking about investing in video marketing.

4. Simplicity & Clarity in Messaging: Less Is More

Current consumer trends indicate that people are consuming higher percentages of micro-content vs. macro content. It’s no surprise given that short-form video content has taken over. Be prepared with a messaging strategy that is simple, clear, and impactful, hook your audience in 150 characters or less, and learn to deliver your message in a few seconds, a few words, or less. Long-winded overly detailed content is out for now, and less is more.

5. Web3: Decentralization of the Web as We Know It

The next trending version of the web brings us to Web3 (or Web 3.0), which is focused on a decentralized version of the web. If you have experience with cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DAOs, or NFTs, then you’ve already had some interaction with Web3. Here are three things Forbes speculated about Web3 trends in 2023:

    1. NFTs will be more than tokenized digital art, and there will be an emphasis on NFTs that provide some kind of utility function, also known as “utility NFTs”
    2. Creating decentralized social networks without censorship is one of the main goals, though governments and lawmakers will have to anticipate its impact on society
    3. There will be increased efforts to “greenify” Web3, meaning that there is consciousness around energy efficiency and efforts to reduce overall consumption

Big changes are coming as decentralization of the web as we know it today continues throughout 2023.

6. Artificial Intelligence: Integrated by the Masses

Numerous apps have begun integrating AI into their platforms, providing users with the power to play and create infinitely. AI is on its way to becoming integrated by the masses on a colossal scale. OpenAI has become a major player with their release of ChatGPT, a dialogue-based chatbot model, and competitors have emerged. Although the power of AI has raised concerns for marketers and creatives alike, you can rest assured that it can never replace the power of human storytelling.

7. Employee Advocacy: Building Community Collectively

Get your employees involved in telling your brand’s story – people connect better with people than they do with brand or business pages. There is power in your employees’ words and even greater power in empowering them to share their expertise and experiences.

Before you begin, carefully consider the following:

  • What tools does my team need to be successful at sharing compelling stories?
  • What training or other resources do I need to provide that will be helpful to their success?
  • What will empower them to feel confident in sharing within their personal networks?

If you can put together a strategy that empowers your people, you will be on your way to building community collectively.

Let us know which 2023 digital marketing trends you’ve been seeing. And if you need help updating your digital marketing strategy, get in touch so we can get the conversation started!