Abulé is a community of caregivers and receivers, which supports work-life harmony for all. It is a sustainable care economy where each member feels seen, heard, supported and valued.

Challenge Abulé’s founder required broad support across a variety of business functions before launching a groundbreaking new sustainable care economy, powered by the blockchain. From creating a landing page to fine-tweaking the Abulé platform and hosting a community-focused set of webinars, Abulé had a wide range of product and marketing needs that were integral to a successful launch.

Where Kings Crest Global Comes In We connected with Abulé’s founder and her team through regularly scheduled meetings. These enabled us to integrate with the team and provide high-touch bespoke support on each of the various pre-launch campaigns.


Pre-Launch Strategy Consulting, Design, Marketing, and Web Dev

Our strategic team assisted in creating a roadmap for Abulé’s launch. Following this, KCG:

  • Carried out a comprehensive QA audit of the existing Abulé website and created the extra copy and design items needed.
  • Designed and delivered a landing page to direct the target audience to the site and the upcoming campaigns.
  • Prepared digital and printed marketing collateral for the Sacramento Kid’s Festival.
  • Provided instructional design support to co-create webinar material and converted them to a visually stunning, on brand design.
  • Crafted a comprehensive top of the funnel focused email campaign to advertise the webinar.
  • Created social media collateral for posts and banners.


Platform and Landing Page

The Abulé platform and landing pages both launched successfully, creating enhanced engagement and improved brand awareness. The community is continuously growing and is supported by Abulé’s strong range of branded collateral and beautifully-designed content.


The webinar created a tight-knit community, with over 70% of attendees to the first module committing to becoming Abulé ambassadors. Abulé continues to run community engagement events and we at KCG support with strategic consultancy and strong collateral.


“It’s been great working with KCG - a very diverse team that specializes in different areas of the business. I appreciate the different viewpoints the team brings to the table. I like that each person is an expert and we can tap into that. In general, I have a broad vision, but it’s helpful to know I have experts in each area to be able to hone in and execute. Execution has been the main triumph - as you know, it takes a village, and I cannot do it all on my own. For this piece, I’ve needed more hands on deck, and that’s exactly what KCG has given me.”
toyosi-babalola-thumb Toyosi Babalola Founder and CEO