Optimal Gyms

Optimal Gyms
Optimal Gyms
Optimal Sport Health Club is a full-service gym brand with over 6,000 members.
Challenge The founder of Optimal Sport Health Club was a personal trainer who wanted to grow his business into a suite of full-service gyms. He had ambitious goals to organize, create and grow a health club centred around classes, training, equipment and nutrition. However, he was unsure about the steps he should take in order to achieve this, so he reached out to Kings Crest Global.
Where Kings Crest Global Comes In Kings Crest Global performed a strategic assessment. We identified the main areas of impact and began working to help Optimal Health raise capital, outline their gym processes, create strategic partnerships and create a robust business plan.
+4x Growth We built a business plan, helped raise capital and found the perfect location for the first gym. From there, we supported Optimal Health in growing exponentially - from 1 gym to 4 gyms across the PA area!
+6000 members By helping Optimal Health to plan how to run their facility, we enabled them to experience growth from 500 members to 6000 over the years.
+Strategic Partnerships We enabled Optimal Health to identify and approach their first strategic partners in the business, which enabled them to take the first step into gym ownership.
“Kings Crest will give you a clear path and help you think more clearly about how to define your goals.”
Jeff Shablin Jeff Shablin Founder