uSchool is an online learning and development platform for homeschooled students, supporting parents or primary caretakers, offering online courses for those who are seeking online learning resources.

Challenge uSchool were ready to launch two exciting new remote learning courses in January 2022, but needed support in reaching a wide and varied audience. They needed to connect with parents and also the children who would be taking the course.

Where King's Crest Global Comes In The KCG team set up advertising campaigns in Facebook, Google and Instagram, and launched two landing pages, in addition to conducting extensive user journey research to support such initiatives.


+ SEO and PPC KCG focused on targeting people who are interested in the two courses: App development and Digital Music.

+ Lead Funnel Emails The KCG team developed a strategic email campaign with the intent of catalyzing the researched and identified target audience by converting them into paid users.

+ Lead Generation Facebook Lead Generation has been structured and initiated for both courses, initially bringing in 22 leads in just one month, and two Google Ads campaigns which brought in 8 leads, totaling to an accumulated amount of 30 leads with a total spending of $1,187.57, equating to $39.59 per lead.

+ Ongoing Leads This strategy has been successfully acquiring new uSchool leads while consistently sending potential customers down the sales funnel to convert into long-term clients.


“Working with King’s Crest Global is an excellent experience. The best thing is the team – I love working with people from all over the globe. They bring valuable perspectives and unique ways of seeing things, while also being very accessible. If I ever have a question, they respond right away, and I feel like I can reach out to any one of the team members I work with. Everyone always has the latest information and is up to speed. I really feel like we’re able to lift each other up.”
shauna-anderson Shauna Anderson Founder and CEO of Invata