Invata is a comprehensive online ecosystem for homeschooled students and homeschooling parents or primary caregivers.

Challenge The Invata team, (formerly Uschool), were ready to evolve their brand in order to more authentically represent their vision, mission and goals and reach their next level of performance. With a list of potential name ideas and a sense of “who they wanted to be”, they were looking for a way to translate their vision into a comprehensive new brand.

Where Kings Crest Global Comes In The KCG team collaboratively workshopped new company names and taglines with the client, eventually finding the perfect fit: Invata. From there, we developed a range of products and supported Invata in bringing those to market.


Start Up Consultancy

To support Invata’s strategic roadmap, we provided expert start up consultancy. This included:

  • The productization of services to clearly define their offering moving forward.
  • A professional and sleek pitch deck for investment meetings and to secure funding.
  • The scripting of a founder video, enabling Invata to consolidate their mission and vision in a strong piece of digital collateral.

Brand Strategy and Go-to-Market

In order to create a strong foundation for Invata, we developed an intricate Brand Guide, including:

  • Tone of Voice Treatment.
  • Full range of design collateral.

We also developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategic plan, enabling Invata to launch confidently across a wide range of channels, to a key target audience, with a variety of key marketing collateral pieces.

Landing Page, Pitch Deck, Email Campaign

We used the newly established brand as a springboard from which to design and develop Invata’s new Landing Page and inform their Pitch Deck design. The goal of the Landing Page was to enable waitlist signups, creating a loyal community of engaged future users. To further enrich this community, we developed a series of email campaigns, designed to inform and spread awareness about Invata’s range of services.


New Brand and Go-to-Market Plan

Invata’s stunning new brand has formed the foundation for many new email campaigns, presentations, landing pages and more. The company is aligned on their mission and vision, and has a clear path forward when it comes to the future of the brand. This is supported by the strategic and expert go-to-market plan.

Increased Awareness and Strategic Direction

With a beautifully designed landing page for waitlist signups, Invata’s reach and impact have grown significantly since launch. Thanks to the productization of services and action-oriented consultancy sessions, Invata has been able to clarify their offerings and follow our expert strategic plan moving forward.


“Working with King’s Crest Global is an excellent experience. The best thing is the team – I love working with people from all over the globe. They bring valuable perspectives and unique ways of seeing things, while also being very accessible. If I ever have a question, they respond right away, and I feel like I can reach out to any one of the team members I work with. Everyone always has the latest information and is up to speed. I really feel like we’re able to lift each other up.”
shauna-anderson Shauna Anderson Founder and CEO of Invata