Look Natural Hair Restoration

Look Natural Hair Restoration is a hair transplant and restoration practice that specializes in achieving high-quality, natural-looking results.

Challenge The lead M.D. at the practice was looking to completely rework their original website and also implement a long-term social media, branding, PPC and SEO strategy. The goal was to create a more reliable lead funnel and build the practice’s brand online.

Where King's Crest Global Comes InKing's Crest Global worked with LNHR to create a new user-friendly website design with highly engaging copy for each page. This involved deep-dive competitor analysis and custom reporting on the current landscape for the client. KCG then developed the new website and successfully launched it, alongside a new social media strategy and SEO advertising.

+Social Media Social Media engagement has increased significantly, with new leads messaging via Instagram and Facebook. The brand now has a credible presence where people feel confident to ask questions about consultations on social media, whether that's Facebook or Instagram.

+Website The new website’s fresh brand, clear message and useful content has resulted in:

    • 21.42% increase in new users (53.328)
    • 53.56% higher session duration (1:10 minutes)
    • 288.03% higher conversion rate (2.90%)

This continuously contributes to the strengthening of LNHR’s online brand. Patients and leads are able to directly book consultations through the site and also find out more about new products and procedures.

+PPC Targeted PPC advertising has given LNHR access to new markets and new users in their area. With interested users gaining access to the site via targeting advertising, lead generation has also steadily increased, thanks to 362% conversion growth and 43% increase in SEO CTR (Click-through rate).

“King’s Crest Global designed and launched our new website and still provide ongoing SEO and PPC advertising services, which has resulted in our revenue increasing by 369% since 2019. We now reach a wider audience and generate more leads than ever before. I would highly recommend working with this team of experts - their approach is dedicated, highly communicative and you end up feeling like they’re a part of your team!”
Glenn-Profile Dr. Glen Ross LNHR Physician and MD