Satyam Sharma

Satyam is a talented and experienced front and back-end developer.

Analytical, Strategic, Precise

  • Front and Back-end development
  • Computer Science diploma
  • Six years experience with web development

Satyam Sharma is a front and back-end developer, working primarily with PHP, and his work enables us to deliver next-generation apps and websites to clients. Audiences are able to engage with the client’s brand and messaging seamlessly thanks to Satyam’s dedicated development work across a broad range of industries. With a career in web development spanning the last six years, Satyam is highly experienced in the technology space. He has a diploma in Computer Science which further supports this expertise and his focus is, in particular, on clean work. He ensures that the code he works on is clean and clear, meaning that others can understand it and work on it if needed in the future.