Accorian – Competitive Intelligence

Accorian – Competitive Intelligence
Risk Management and Compliance

This company specializes in providing secure risk management and compliance programs, leveraging extensive cybersecurity and technological expertise. They focus on safeguarding enterprises of various sizes in the digital age.

Challenge The cybersecurity landscape is diverse, ranging from small startups to large corporations, leading to a wide array of price points and service offerings. Our client faced the challenge of differentiating themselves in this competitive market and needed to strategically position their services.

Where Kings Crest Global Comes In Kings Crest Global undertook a comprehensive Competitive Intelligence (CI) analysis. This process involved:

  • Gathering detailed information on competitors, including Statements of Work (SOWs), presentations, and pricing strategies.
  • Analyzing competitors' market positioning and service offerings.
  • Analyzing competitors' market positioning and service offerings.
    Assisting our client in adjusting its services and pricing to align with market trends and competitor strategies.


”The Competitive Intelligence services provided by Kings Crest Global were pivotal in reshaping our market approach. Their team delivered comprehensive insights into our competitors’ strategies, from pricing to service offerings. This intelligence has been instrumental in our pricing adjustments and has ensured that we remain a step ahead in the highly competitive cybersecurity landscape.”
Premal Parikh Founder and CEO