KCG Culture: It’s Different Around Here!

Written by Joezel Maglajos
August 5, 2022
Written bY
Joezel Maglajos

A healthy work culture is one of the key factors contributing to employee happiness. Just ask anyone working at King’s Crest Global, or check out at the stats on indeed.com. A positive working environment provides several benefits for both employees and employers by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving morale
  • Fostering growth
  • Promoting collaboration

KCG has always been committed to building a creative, collaborative and productive work culture. We’ve always been firm believers that the most significant factor for improving productivity is by cultivating happy, satisfied employees (leading to happy, satisfied clients in turn). Furthermore, we’re dedicated to helping our clients enhance their own company culture, too. Here’s how we approach our culture at KCG:

We prioritize work-life balance. Work-life balance means juggling the time and energy you commit to your work and personal life. An imbalance (i.e. working too much, or not having enough time to put in the work required) can have a huge impact on a person’s drive and motivation. At KCG, we work hard to establish a culture that encourages a healthy balance. We’re mindful of each and every employee’s schedule and establishing limits to make sure that all are accommodated without sacrificing productivity and output.

Our incredible designer Monique Menezes works while catching a flight.
Our superstar content team lead Gaby Brogan works beachside from Bocas Del Toro, Panama.
  • We work wherever we are in the world. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to be nimble and flexible, despite the fact that we’re scattered across the globe.Allowing for remote and flexible work comes with several perks, one of which being that it allows for a more diverse staff. We have team members from the Philippines, the USA, Bangladesh, France and Portugal, just to name a few. This incredible diversity is what provides us with a competitive edge when solving problems for our clients; we’re able to spearhead each solution with a global perspective.What’s more, this is the age of remote work. Of course employees should be able to work from anywhere!
  • We encourage open communication. Open communication allows for all employees to work efficiently and effectively, in turn helping the company expand and increase its own reach. Open communication includes transparency from the top down – leaders should always be honest and be willing to receive feedback from employees.

Implementing these three important cultural factors means believing in employees’ capability to succeed. Happiness increases productivity – any guess as to why? The simple answer: because happy employees support one another. When employees bring a positive perspective with them to work, they are indeed more willing to support each other to attain the company’s goals.