The Founder’s Journey

RHR: Founder’s Journey

RHR International partners with leaders to help them to acquire the knowledge, wisdom, and leadership skills necessary to successfully guide their organization to outstanding results

CHALLENGE The Hypergrowth team at RHR International had an idea for a web app brimming with potential, focused on coaching company founders and giving them the skills they needed to successfully run their companies. Building, testing and launching that app, however, would require expert assistance.

WHERE KING’S CREST GLOBAL COMES IN The KCG team was engaged to build a minimally viable product for a web app that helps founder-CEOs scale their businesses by overcoming seven common challenges facing hypergrowth companies.

Our team’s approach was twofold. We began by identifying RHR’s primary target audiences — startup founders and venture capital investors — to craft branded pitch decks that communicated the product’s value. Visual design, tone of voice and messaging were tailored to each audience for maximum reach and resonation.The second step was ideating various prototypes for the app itself. Our goal was to create an engaging visualization of the seven challenges that could be represented in a clean, impactful user interface.


+ Proprietary Web Application King’s Crest Global produced a custom tool that offered laser-precise solutions for RHR’s intended audience. Our in-house design and development abilities made it easy to employ tools, like React, to craft a bespoke UX that provided tailored value to users.

+Omnichannel UX Swift on our feet, we were able to coordinate the design and branding of the Founder’s Journey web app in the midst of RHR’s new brand launch, creating a seamless omnichannel experience across touchpoints.


“The KCG team is a dream to work with - they are some of the most kind and genuine collaborators with which I have partnered. They ask intelligent questions, centered around perfecting both the product and the quality of the client relationship. Through our time working together, they have become more than just a business partner - they have evolved into a highly trusted group of colleagues who are crucial to our new business success.”  
Cara H Project Coordinator