Magwind is a one-stop-shop for the global citizen with dedicated services to invest abroad and experience global citizenship in an easier and safer way.

CHALLENGE Magwind was a new brand that vitally needed to establish an online presence for both their high-end investors and to perform against the competition. Magwind reached out to Kings Crest Global for digital marketing expertise and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy and implementation.

WHERE KING'S CREST GLOBAL COMES IN Our PPC work began with an in-depth and strategic competitor overview. We used this to inform our own PPC strategy, combining it with deep insight about Magwind as a brand and their target audience. Our team created, launched and managed targeted advertisements on Google Ads. We used Google Analytics to continuously improve and enhance results, reaching a broad range of high-end, international investors.


+ Lead GenerationMagwind was able to launch and serve their first clients. Our marketing and PPC advertisements resulted in Magwind’s first confirmed leads.

+ Brand RecognitionThe team at Magwind now feel that their brand is recognized and visible. Having an online presence ensures that the brand is credible and trustworthy.

+ Competitive EdgeWith a strong online presence and targeted ads generated specifically for their ideal audience segments, Magwind has an ongoing competitive advantage.



"Don’t hesitate to work with King's Crest Global. Working with them was like getting years worth of pay-per-click advertising experience in one short month. Their PPC competitor analysis work at the beginning of the project was also incredibly insightful"
dario Dario Montagnese Founder and Board Member