RHR International Executive Bench

RHR International - Executive Bench Team

Executive Bench is a leadership consulting product created by RHR International. It provides an effective employee performance management system to achieve business results.

CHALLENGEThe Executive Bench team was in the process of developing highly progressive products, leveraging data to make their leadership consulting even more powerful. However, they did not have a suite of marketing materials to accurately demonstrate the innovative nature of their work.

Where King's Crest Global Comes InOver several years, our team helped RHR International create compelling, exciting and fresh marketing assets. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we collaborated flexibly with the RHR team to develop websites, landing pages, SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns and more.


+Increased Web Traffic Conversions on the Executive Bench website are at an all-time high. The inbound calls that the team received were qualified leads and the response was positive.

+Brand New Look and Feel Assessing the Executive Bench service, we took a risk and developed an entirely different brand approach - one that was innovative and energetic. Their new website and sales assets continuously receive positive reinforcement from the market. Here’s a sample of what we made:

• 1x lead-focused website
• 10x sales toolkits
• 5x practice overview presentations
• 7x email campaigns
• 1x survey portal and materials



"King's Crest Global is strong because of its diverse team. From designers to writers to SEO specialists, they are incredibly flexible and responsive."
Jessica F Senior Partner, Head of Executive Bench