Bell Technology Solutions

Bell Technology Solutions
Bell Technology Solutions

Bell Technology Solutions is a full-service IT firm offering round-the-clock technical support and cybersecurity defense while staying under budget.

Challenge As a well-established IT and cybersecurity firm, Bell Technology had one thing in mind: strategic growth. It was time for Bell Technology to drive revenue skywards and bring a competitive new cloud technology to market. King’s Crest Global was called upon to do just that.

Where Kings Crest Global Comes In Beginning with a holistic audit of the company, King’s Crest Global discovered key opportunities for growth within Bell Technology’s sales strategy. Through a number of peer-to-peer workshops with the Bell Technology IT staff, our team was able to develop a strategic roadmap that would further drive sales and intentionally articulate Bell’s value propositions.


+The Bell Tower Cloud Comes to Market In partnership with King’s Crest Global, Bell Technologies successfully brought a new entity, the Bell Tower Cloud, to market. The Bell Tower Cloud empowers users with heightened security and far greater cost efficiency than typical tech support teams.

+Sales and Revenue Increase King’s Crest Global expert startup and strategic consultancy services resulted in new sales and higher revenue for Bell Technologies.


“King's Crest Global is great. They’ve been an enormous help to our strategic planning”.
dan-bell Daniel Bell Chief Executive Officer at Bell Technology Solutions